D. E. Michelle
Allison wants to live a normal life but a dark secret broods deep within her mind. Mysterious shadows torment her dreams, creating a disturbing world of past sins and future despair. She cannot go on like this. She must know the truth.
The Trip to Redden Lake
Allison Fellman dreams of rabbits. Not the cuddly kind—the kind that kills. Her nightmares reveal fragments of a childhood memory which took place on the family farm. She remembers her parents were arguing; she ran outside into the darkness and there they were—watching her—laughing at her. Rabbits. Or were they men? Or demons? And to make matters worse, her dad went missing shortly after. Is there a connection?  
To put together the broken pieces of her past, she travels to the location where her dad was last seen, a scenic vacation spot called “Redden Lake.” A gambler and ruthless thug, few people of the isolated town have anything nice to say about him. Undaunted, she keeps asking around but only manages to get the attention of a masked man, who despite his odd appearance, is popular among the other cabin owners.
A member of a mysterious underground club of people who wear animal masks, the intriguing stranger distracts her from the search for the truth as they explore his secret world, a world her dad once occupied. After a mutilated body is found in the forest, the masked man reveals his true violent nature and a need for revenge for his own troubled past. Will she be held to blame for her father’s misdeeds?
Darkly humorous, unnerving, and tragic—The Trip to Redden Lake is an ominous tale that pushes the boundary between reality and self-deception.
About D.E. Michelle...
I dream of zombies. It always starts out the same—I’m casually talking to a group of people who suddenly morph into decayed versions of their former selves. Everything goes silent, then things get weird, and before you know it, I’m being chased through the night by the murderous undead.
I’ve been a fan of the horror genre as far as I can remember. Reading a good horror book is like experiencing an out of control dream, a place where you cross into the realm of the uncertain, a domain where you battle demonic entities and bloodthirsty maniacs. You can put yourself into the minds of others—to imagine what you would do in a given situation. Would you do the right thing? Is evil a force outside of us or within? Maybe one day I will stop and ask one of the stalking zombies, “Why are you the way you are?”…but then again, maybe not.
© D.E. Michelle 2020